Friday, July 6, 2012

Making a comeback: Peachtree Road Race

Hi friends!

Sorry it's been so long, I know the 5 of you have been missing me terribly ;)  There have been a lot of things going on and I've really missed blogging, but I just couldn't do it.  At the end of May, I encountered a car... with my body.  I was out of running commission for about a month and getting back into the swing of things was hard. Especially with the Savannah heat.

I think I've made it back to normal though.  However normal marathon training in the Southern summer is.  Onto Peachtree.

Back in February, I saw that the lottery for this race was open and called up my good friend, Meg, who lives in Atlanta, to see if she wanted to do this with me.  Luckily, she was down for doing it and we both signed up, hoping we could easily get in and not have to deal with the drama of buying a number from someone else.  We found out the next week that we did in fact both get in and the training could start!

Fast forward 5 months.  Hubs, JakeDog and I road tripped it to the ATL and stayed at this awesome hotel called the Hotel Indigo.  We found it on a fluke (I was looking at the Ritz and the W) and I'm SO glad we did.  They were super dog friendly, the rooms were adorable and the staff was AWESOME.  I didn't really take any pictures of the inside, but if you go to the link, you'll be able to see a few from their website.  The rooms were small, the bathroom even smaller, but it was clean and comfortable.  That's what's important.

We had an extra day because I didn't want to stress out about packet pick-up so after taking JakeDog to the big city dog park, we ventured out to the Georgia World Congress Center to pick up my packet.  

The expo was awesome and I picked up some nuun and a sparkly sweaty band.  It also happened to be right across the street from...

CNN headquarters!  We went into the building to cool off and we ended up deciding that a tour sounded like a good idea.  We had a great tour guide and while there were no celeb sightings, it was still really cool.  Here are a few pictures I was able to take while there:

Me and my man Anderson

Hubs really likes Sanjay.  He wants to be just like him when he grows up.

Cue Tom Cruise maniacal Scientology laughter


CNN Newsroom

I kinda like him.

Studio 7

We met up with Meg that night and grabbed a drink and a bite to eat before hitting the sack.  Our wave didn't start til 9 so we were able to sleep in a bit which was really nice.  We hopped on the MARTA around 7:15 and packed ourselves in like sardines for the ride to Buckhead.  When we got to our wave, we hopped in line for the bathroom and sat in a parking lot til things started moving.  There were a lot of people there. Like 60,000.  

This was the aftermath... We were supposed to meet Hubs and JakeDog at this location, but it was crazy.

It was very tiring and hot for him. He couldn't even bear to show his head.

Overall, this race was exceptionally well run.  We had a complete blast running the 6.2, there was plenty of water, iced coffee, beer, smoothies, etc. on the course.  It was hot and humid, but I didn't really notice it because there were so many people and things to do along the course.  I was able to get ice relatively easily at the medical tent afterward and everyone who was working or volunteering was SO nice.  

On the way home, Hubs and I were able to pick up some yummy lunch.  I love Panda Express and pretty much get it wherever there is one. 

Hubs opted for Truett's Grill AKA Chikfila

We made it back into Savannah with plenty of time to hang out and make plans for the 4th, but we were exhausted and decided to watch fireworks on TV.  I'm hoping that after this really long post, I'll be able to get back into the blog swing of things like I have with running.  Stay cool out there! Happy running. 


  1. Great to hear from you again. I want to run this one next fun!

  2. I like how swollen my eye is...eeesh