Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hey blog lovers.  Here I am watching the IronMan World Championship and was feeling all proud of myself for running 7 miles yesterday.  I'm still proud but man, these people are crazy! In a good way, of course.  The extent of my exercise in Hawaii was when I went with my family after high school graduation and I snorkeled in the open ocean then body surfed on the beach.

Back to Savannah. This week was incredibly stressful for Hubs and me.  We have been looking at moving to various places around the US, and this past week was going to be decision week.  Unless something insanely crazy happens in the next couple weeks, we'll be staying in Savannah for at least another year.  We have big plans for our life and future family which we'd like to get started on soon, but we have a few other things to get in order before then!

Luckily, I was able to get some short runs in and boy, did I need them.  One was in the morning, which was seriously muggy and gross and the other was in the evening which was seriously muggy and gross.  Welcome to the South: where it's seriously muggy and gross. I felt great on both runs though.  I was really well hydrated and have kinda figured out my recovery situation which is a great step forward because at the beginning of the summer, I was getting really bad headaches after any run.  I quickly figured out this was due to running first thing in the morning after I hadn't had anything to drink in roughly 7-8 hours and apparently I'm a hot sleeper.  Now (if I have the time) I give myself at least an hour to hydrate before I head out and make sure I have at least 32 oz. of nuun after along with some high quality h2o.

My long run yesterday was fantastic.  I got up when the sun did and decided to bring JakeDog with me for the first two miles.  He's been missing out on extra exercise since it's been so hot so I thought it would be fun for him to feel the wind in his fur.  We had a great little run and he keeps me from going out too fast, therefore making the last miles excruciating.  I drank a little water when I dropped him off and headed out for another 2.5 miles before stopping at our place again to get some shotbloks and water.  At this point, I really didn't have a number in mind, I just knew I needed to fuel up just in case.  I headed up to Bonaventure and did a loop... it was starting to get really hot and my shirt had already come off so I decided to trek it back home.  I was .1 miles away from 7 miles when I got to the townhouse so I ran up and down the road one more time before calling it a morning.

So why the title? Well, I'd say based on the way my body feels, I'm back to 99.9% of where I was at before the great car debacle of May.  I feel really good and if it weren't for the humidity, I'd feel really great.

I have some busy couple of weeks coming up with weddings, parties, etc.  I've already planned out my runs though so I'm hoping no matter where I am, I can get a good run in.  I get to run in my college town in two weeks because my lovely sorority sister, Chicken Wing, is getting married to a hottie patottie (who is also the best man I can imagine her with!)  I love running in Lynchburg because it's just like home to me.  It's where I started my love for distance running and the beauty of Central Virginia is ridiculous.  And they have lots of wineries.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! I have a cool surprise for later in the week! Stay tuned!

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