Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mid Week Update!

Hi there readers! (All 5 of you) I'm in withdrawal from blogging so I figured I'd give a mid-week update on training and life. I've so far kept to the training schedule which is more than I gave myself credit for.

Today was touch and go since I didn't run until the
I don't know why.  It was three miles which is cake, but I just had zero motivation.  I really need to work on that.  I love running and the feeling it gives me during and after, but getting out there is the hardest part for me.  Any suggestions on motivating things you do for yourself?

Anyways, this past weekend I went to Barnes and Noble with Hubs and wanted to look into a book that would help me with my diet while training for the marathon.  I know the basic good health tips, but I know with added mileage, there are other things you can do through food and supplements to maintain your best shape.

I came across a book called Chi Marathon and forgot all about the nutrition aspect.  I had heard about this book through various forums and blogs so I checked it out for the first few chapters.  I have pretty crazy IT band and hamstring pain in my right leg after long runs and know it's because I run a little wonky.  I just didn't know what I could do to fix that and not cause other problems.  So I read that little chapter and am going to buy it on my kindle so I can refer back to it.  There are A LOT of steps to correct running form and getting them all at once the first time you go out is not going to happen.  It won't even happen on the second time.

I've done two runs concentrating really hard on keeping my body straight and my steps within the little box that they should be and not only have I felt less pain in my right leg, but I have kicked my times out the window.  My 1.5 mile run yesterday was sub 10 min/mile and today I was right around 10 min/mile over 3 miles.  Usually I'm higher up in the 10s and lower 11s for anything over a mile so I'm really excited about that.  My lungs aren't in great shape for that kind of pace, but I think that's good because I would rather focus on better form and go slower for now than run badly and fast.

I have another 1.5 mile run tomorrow and then a long run on Saturday morning. I'll probably do about 6 miles or 8 if I'm feeling ambitious.  Also, I've been finding random bruises on my body from what I assume are from the mud run.  Huge bruises. Here's a picture of one of them and then the screen print of my last two runs.

Random ankle bruise.  There's one that's even bigger under my right knee.
3 mile run 

1.5 mile run

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