Thursday, April 5, 2012

Runner's Survey

1. Favorite time to workout?

First thing in the morning, before my body knows what it's doing :)

2. Favorite place to workout? 

Outside of course! More specifically, Isle of Hope.

 3. Favorite workout shirt. 

It's a tie between my Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon shirt and my Target C9 Baby Doll Tank

4. Favorite workout shorts. 

My SkirtSports Kick Start skirt

5. Favorite song to listen to while working out.

I love love love listening to Saves the Day, The Academy Is, and Brand New. 

6. Weights exercise you like best.

Not a big weights girl... but I do enjoy yoga and pilates!

7. Favorite post workout snack.

Greek Yogurt, Chobani to be specific

8. How do you get to your place of working out? 

I have to drive! 

9. Would you workout if you didnt have to in order to stay fit and healthy? 

I'm pretty sure I would.  I love the "me" time and the way I feel after I run, like I have accomplished and solved everything in the world.

10. Favorite thing to do to pass time during cardio.

Think about life and solving the world's problems.  

11. How many times per week do you exercise?

Generally 2-3 times, but I'm going to have to up that in the next few months so that I can run this marathon I'm signed up for! 

12. What gets you most motivated to workout? 

Stepping on a scale. 

13. Do you work alone or with a partner? 

Generally alone, unless my partner Jacob is with me! 

14. Any embarrassing moments while running or at the gym? 

Plenty... none I'd share. :)

15. Water or sports drink? 

Water for sure... I do watered down Gatorade with runs longer than 5 miles during the summer

16. Favorite thing about working out?

My ability to understand my body and listen to it as I push its limits. Over the past year, I've seen my body change and look forward to seeing it reach its full potential.

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