Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Review, 4/21

Miles Run: 12.42
Time Run: 2:03:45
Calories Burned: 1431

Overall, my first real training week was a success.  My runs went the exact way they were supposed to and other than some hammy pain for a few hours after my run, I'm feeling great.  Since Hubs is an athletic trainer, we're looking into what we can do to make the hamstring pain subside...  I think I pulled it a few months ago when we went to Hilton Head with Jake and I sprinted a little too hard with the pup and just haven't properly rehabed it back to health.  Annoying, but at least we'll figure something out.

My long run yesterday was alright.  I woke up in a funk and tried to look on the bright side of being up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning.  Couldn't think of anything but I went to Lake Mayer anyways.  My run buddy, Lisa, from two weeks ago was running the Susan G. Komen race so I knew I'd most likely run by myself.  Everyone else has about a 7-8 minute/mile pace. I think if I just ran one mile that fast, I'd be pretty satisfied but alas, I do not.  So I knew I'd be pretty lonely but that's ok, running alone is nothing new to me.

Along the run, I just focused on my form and how good that chocolate milk was going to taste afterwards.  I had a couple encounters with people who said things that I'm sure meant no harm, but I just took it the wrong way because I was being a crab.  I tried to take a picture of the sunrise over the bluff and somehow it didn't save in my phone. Figures.  It was beautiful, but you'll just have to take my word for it. The loop is about 5.8 miles and I really wanted to see what my 10k time would be so when I got back to Lake Mayer, I kept running til I got to 6.2 miles. I'm about 4 minutes from breaking a one hour 10k.  It was hot and muggy so I'm thinking I could do better in prime conditions.  I'm doing the Crimestoppers Azalea Run in two weeks.  Maybe I'll get even closer, or break it.  That would be pretty cool.  Anyways, the striders go out to breakfast after the long run and I just was not going to be good company to keep so I said goodbye and headed on home.  I did manage to take a picture of myself (and save it) in my racing singlet for the MCM.

I'm going to do a post that more specifically explains why and for who I am running the Marine Corps Marathon in a few days, I've been working on it, but it's emotional and raw and hard for me to put into words something I feel so passionately about.  See? My English skills suffer greatly when I try to even talk about it so I'm gonna have Hubs and a few other people proof read before I post.

So, week one is in the books.  I feel good and like I could actually maintain the pace I'm going at for a little longer than 6 miles.  My dad and I are just hoping for a 5 hour marathon which translates to about 11 and half minutes per mile.  If we do the proper training, this is definitely doable.  This next week is looking very similar to last. I'm adding a mile and a half to the total mileage for the week.  What are your workout goals for the week? Hope everyone has a good one!

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  1. This is great post! The training objectives you set are ambitious but you need to be ambitious to succeed at running the MCM. I ran yesterday but pulled my left calf muscle and it's very painful. I'm going to take more time to stretch tomorrow and see if I can do 5 miles. You've piqued my interest re: why and from whom you are running the MCM. Looking for forward to your next post. Happy trails!