Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Savannah Bucket List

There are like a million pros and cons to living in a place that people love to vacation in.  One of the pros is that at any time, you can do a staycation and not even have to pay for a hotel (even though it's more fun to stay downtown, it's way cheaper to just pay for parking and come home to a cute puppy!)  Since we dropped the ball on going out of town and gas costs 4 bucks a gallon anyways, we decided to make a bucket list of things to do in Savannah and try and do them all with the money we wouldn't be spending on a hotel and gas.  Here's our list:

Yesterday morning, we took Jake to the dog park first thing and got him plum tuckered out since he'd be alone for more than a few hours.  He has a bff named Lucius that seems to be there when we're there most of the time and they have a ball.  Yesterday, it was a ball over a blue squeaky ball.  Jake ended up victorious...

He likes to close his eyes when I take pictures of him. It's like he knows exactly when I'm taking them. Anyways, we ventured out after that and found the best parking in Savannah.  10 hours for 3 dollars! It wasn't even far from everything! 

We decided our first stop would be the Temple Mickve Israel.  This place is in my favorite square (Monterey) and we go by it pretty much every time we go downtown.  I didn't even know they did tours til I went on TripAdvisor after a Saturday night fiasco with a "haunted tour".  We learned so much about this great place and the women there that run the tours are amazing!  I also learned a thing or two about Judaism which was cool.  Here are a few pictures:

Our second stop was to have tea at the Gryphon Tea Room.  We decided instead of doing high tea, we thought we'd just share a pot and have some dessert for a mid afternoon snack.  The hostess, who turned into our waitress, was really nice and informative on the different teas and desserts.  We had a lovely time relaxing and people watching.  
One lump, or two?

Pinkies out!

Cute way of presenting the check

Beautiful Building the Gryphon is in

After that, we hopped on a pedicab and took a 30 minute tour of the city.  Our bike driver was cool, I couldn't hear half the things he was saying because he was facing away from us and paying attention to traffic. (which is good!) But it was nice to just sit back and enjoy the perfectly awesome day we'd had.  

We ended the day with a trip to Isle of Hope where Hubs helped FIL with pressure washing the boat while Jake and I took a leisurely run through the neighborhood.  Jake was a little bit of a brat, but we had fun nonetheless.  

How can you not smile at this picture?

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