Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crimestoppers Azalea Run 10K Review

I love running races.  It brings up my expectancy level and allows me to go all out just for the sake of a PR.  Even bad races are good.  You learn something about your stamina and character.  The Cooper River Bridge Run was definitely a race that tried to break my spirit, but I finished it and in somewhat respectable time for the condition I was in at the start.  Looking back at it, a month or so later, I probably would run it again because I don't want to let it defeat me. But we'll worry about that next year.

Packet Pickup
Yesterday I stopped by Fleet Feet to pick up my packet.  It was super easy and fast.  I realized when I got home that the tech shirt was men's sizing so the medium was swimming on me and when I went back to ask for a small, there was no problem.  I'm super stoked they had tech shirts.  The rest of the packet was ads for races coming up and things Fleet Feet was sponsoring.  I didn't really care much because we got these awesome shirts.
I look tired. Because I am.

Race Day

I've never done the Crimestoppers Azalea Run even though I've wanted to for the past three years.  My friend Dan over at RunDanRun has always said great things about it and I know why now!  The race started at 8 am on May 5th.  I had been running about 6 miles on Saturdays anyways so I thought, no big deal.  I ended up meeting my new friend Jennifer at Running, Our Way before the race and met another girl who I ended up running the first mile and a half with.  Didn't catch her name, but that's cool.  She kept me at a steady, fast pace for the first mile.  In fact, I think I might have gone out too fast for a 10K on a muggy May morning.  Oh well.  I tried to alternate faster and slower paces every other mile and stuck right around the 10 minute mark which was admirable for me.  The course took us down Forsyth Park to Washington Ave., East to Daffin Park and back to the start.  There was a police officer or two at every stop light, halting traffic for us.  There were water stops at about every mile, which were much appreciated in the Savannah heat.  I finished in 1:02:24 which is a PR by about 5 minutes.  I was proud, but thought I could do better.

At the end, there were plenty of healthy refreshments and water.  They had awesome door prizes and age group prizes, neither of which I got. Sad Face.  But I was able to catch up with some Striders I hadn't seen in a couple weeks and meet some new people.
My outfit for the event.  Always important.

After the race.  The obligatory Forsyth Park Fountain picture. 

Zensah compression sleeves.  Life. Savers.

My new friends! Dan, Jennifer and her son who won 1st place in his age division!

Overall, this race is excellently run, results were posted almost immediately as you came in and the support was phenomenal.  The only thing I'd change is starting an hour earlier.  It was wayyyy too hot for me and a lot of other people but we all got through it anyways, cause we're runners and that's what we do.

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  1. See-- knowing what you were wearing is the reason I could find you! :) Everyone finds me based on Morgan. LOL. GREAT job on the PR especially in that. Totally means you could break an hour!