Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reunited, and it feels so good!

Today was a big day.  I ran for the first time since Saturday (cause I'm a slacker and let life overwhelm me) AND more importantly, I got my water bottle back!
Water just tastes better from here

Last Friday, I took Eli to karate and when we left I had so many different bags (seriously, how do moms do that EVERY day?) I totally forgot about my water bottle.  When I got them back to their house, I realized I didn't have my beloved bottle, freaked out and called the place to have them hold on to it.  I had every intention of going on Monday, except I totally forgot.  Then Tuesday and Wednesday passed and I didn't feel like trekking it across town to go get it.  Today, Hubs said enough was enough and he went to get it for me! What a good Hubs.  :) 

After cleaning it thoroughly and filling it up with ice and water, life just feels a little bit better.  This week has been stressful to say the least.  I've been fighting with an insurance company and my doctor's office because as it turns out, someone who I've never met or talked to had it out for me.  They coded me as having a just a cough which apparently doesn't justify an EKG and full blood workup.  Who knew?  

Well it's all taken care of now and hopefully this is the worst of it.  Hubs' job was kind of in the middle of some drama too, but it seems like things might just work out there as well.
Tomorrow we're going to Charleston (my fave city ever) to watch Hubs' sister graduate from MUSC with her Doctorate in Nurse Practice.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  Plus, I'll have my water bottle for the road trip! I also am gonna try and get a short run in so that I can remember the ridiculous awesomeness that is the afterglow of exercise.  It's really easy to forget about that, but also really easy to fall back into the intoxication.  

Have you ever had a day where you thought working out wouldn't help at all and let that get the best of you?  From here on out, I'm gonna fight against that little voice.  You should too.  Happy running!

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