Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekly Review

Miles Run: 10.24
Time Run: 1:43:54
Calories Burned: 1180

My week was pretty light in the scheme of things.  I knew I had the Crimestoppers Run and I really wanted a PR so I tried to do two things.

1. Get used to the heat.  In Savannah, even if you wake up at 5 in the morning, it's still ridiculously muggy in the summer.  I hate it, but can't do anything about it so I decided while it was still relatively "dry", to get in a few runs in the afternoon.  I'm from Arizona.  Dry is a relative term, but one I'm quickly learning.

2. Keep my runs shorter.  I wanted my legs fresh and I didn't want to keel over at the end of the run because of the heat.  Also, I've read recently that doing two to three weeks of building then cutting back on miles is good for you because it helps your body recover faster.

My first run was on Wednesday evening and I did a quick 2 miles around Daffin Park before heading over to watch Savannah Arts Academy play North Cobb County in the girls' soccer state tournament.  I popped a Nuun into my water bottle afterward and enjoyed the rest of the game.  Unfortunately SAA lost, but in my opinion, those other girls were playing a little dirty.  I'm partial to SAA cause Hubs works there, but I speak the truth!

Thursday, I met up with Kris at Daffin and we ran two miles again, but this time while talking and while it was hot.  We kept a pretty good pace, around 10:07/mile and it went by really fast having someone next to me and catching up on life.  I'm not always one who loves running with a partner.  However, I needed it that night because of the insane heat and the lack of motivation because of said heat.

I had an awesome race on Saturday and checked out the tall ships after a shower, downtown.  I didn't take a shower downtown, to clarify.
That cargo ship is not a tall ship.

A walrus drummer.

I rested all of Sunday because well, I thought I deserved it.... And that was my week! I promise that this week of blogging will be better.  I don't know what happened last week.  I guess I lost my blog mojo. I promise it's back though!

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