Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Update and a Wedding!

Miles Run: 15.25
Time Run: 2:35:55
Calories Burned: 1821

This is what I would call a successful week.  I kept all my running appointments with no dread, in fact, I loved this week.  I was so tired yesterday morning but felt great the rest of the day.  My beautiful friends, Faye and Bill got married and it was just the most amazing day!  More on that later....

My short runs throughout the week were great.  The weather cooled down this week so running at 8 wasn't nearly as horrible as usual.  I did one afternoon run at 3 and it was very hot, but I felt great the whole time doing it so I didn't mind too much.  My 2 miler on Thursday was with Jake-dog and he was completely all over the place, but again, I didn't let it bother me.  I just figured he was having a great time, why shouldn't I?  We took it nice and slow and worked on his obedience when appropriate.  Such a good dog.

The long run.  Ahhh, I had great plans for that one.  In my mind, I was going to run 8 miles bouncing along in the air loving life.  In real time, I was tired from working the night before and my legs felt like 3 year old fruit cakes.

I ran on Isle of Hope because I was meeting Faye at 10 over there so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone.  It helps that my father-in-law lives over there so I can establish a home base with a water station and later on longer runs, with shot bloks and nuun!  Isle of Hope is so beautiful and it's really easy to get miles in when you're running along the river or under huge oaks and magnolias.  Plus, the magnolias are blooming now so it smells AWESOME any time you're near one.  So, even though it wasn't an awesome run, it was still good.  I kept a great pace and felt good at the end. Awesome long run will happen next weekend.  When I run 5 miles, haha.

Now onto the wedding.  I was SO excited for this wedding.  It was the first one Hubs and I have been to since we got married and it meant so much to us that we were invited, let alone involved in the set-up and prep.  Faye did an amazing job arranging her own flowers, squeezing the lime juice and making the simple syrup for the mojitos, pretty much doing everything from scratch.  I am in awe of what she got done because it looked ridiculously beautiful.  Instead of me talking about it for hours, I might as well share the pictures!

I could not get enough of those flowers!!  

To Faye and Bill:
Will and I are so blessed to be your friends and to have taken part in your day.  We wish you so much happiness, patience, love, and blessings through your marriage.  Love you!


  1. I LOVE weddings! Thanks for sharing :) The flowers are gorgeous!

    1. I do too :) Will and I are one of the last couples of our college friends to get married so it's fun when there's a wedding to go to! Everyone's having babies now!

  2. Thanks for everything! You guys really helped us put it all together (and then take it all apart!)