Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blue Ridge Mountain Giveaway!

Hi there friends!

I've been super busy since we got back to Savannah last week... on top of that, I started getting some of the creeping crud on Saturday evening that has just not gone away.  Some Mucinex helped me out today because I was just miserable, now I'm just semi-miserable.

This past weekend I cheered on my friends at the Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon and I'll blog about that later, but just wanted to give everyone a head's up for a contest that is going on over at Marcia's Healthy Slice!!  The Blue Ridge Marathon is in Roanoke, VA... a few miles down the road from where Hubs and I went to school, so I'd love to go up there and run it! Marcia is giving away an entry to this crazy run (America's Toughest Road Race) and you should try and win!

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